The MIT Physics Education Group is the home for physicists at MIT with a professional specialization in education.

The Group consists of the academic instructional staff members of the Department of Physics who manage, execute, and support instruction in the Department's major education programs, engage in physics education research and development efforts, and curate and maintain its extensive catalog of physical and digital resources.

In teaching our academic courses, we work closely with both the MIT Physics faculty who lead these courses and with the administrative staff of the Physics Academic Programs Office who provide critical support to these courses.

We also maintain relationships with our colleagues doing related work — both at MIT and around the world — through active collaborations, participation in professional societies, and publication of scholarly work. We complement these professional partnerships with outreach to broader society, including dissemination of digital resources, social media, and science demonstrations. 

We welcome inquiries from MIT students and colleagues interested in advancing our mutual efforts as physics education professionals.